Peter wrote and produced Seinfeld for eight years, coining such phrases as “Yada Yada” “Shrinkage” and “Spongeworthy”. He was also nominated for five primetime Emmys.

Comments about the show:

“Seinfeld was the only show in which you came up with your own story lines or you were gone. There was no “writers’ room.” You wrote and rewrote your own scripts before kissing them off to Larry David and Jerry so they could dose it with magic. I was ready to say I did bad work on “The Visa,” better on “The Sponge,” really good on “The Implant.” I was ready to argue that my episodes showed signs of a sensibility: A bunch dealt with radically changing one’s appearance; a clump with contraception; a batch had people trying to be someone else; almost all had friends drastically at cross-purposes. My story lines were truly “about nothing.” (Except when they weren’t: It took me weeks to realize that my friend’s experience with a valet parker’s BO would make a funny episode. Too broad of an idea for me to see).”

“It broke all their (network) rules about likable characters, setup/punchline dialogue, everything. It didn’t fall into one of their comfort zones, like a classic fish-out-of-water story! (FYI: Fish, when out of water, die.) And the fact that Seinfeld never had touching moments made the networks apoplectic.”