Review: Reach Advanced Design Toothbrush – Extra Firm & Effective

Review: Reach Advanced Design Toothbrush – Extra Firm & Effective

Hey ‌there, toothbrush enthusiasts! Today,⁢ we’re⁣ excited to share our thoughts on the Advanced Design Adult Toothbrush, Firm, 7 Count. As self-proclaimed oral hygiene aficionados, we couldn’t wait to get our hands⁣ on these scientifically designed toothbrushes. With their signature angled neck and tapered head, these toothbrushes promise to clean those hard-to-reach places with ease. Plus, ​with bi-level ⁢bristles to⁣ tackle plaque between teeth and⁣ along ⁤the ⁣gum line, we ⁢were⁢ eager to put them to the test. Join ‍us as⁢ we dive into the​ details of this innovative ‍toothbrush and see if it lives up to the hype.

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When it comes to oral ⁢care, having⁣ the right tools can​ make all the difference. That’s why we’re excited to share our experience with the Advanced Design Adult Toothbrush. This toothbrush is not your average brush – it’s scientifically designed with a signature angled neck ⁢and⁣ tapered head,‍ making it⁣ easier to reach those hard-to-reach places in your mouth. The bi-level bristles are effective at cleaning and removing plaque between teeth ‌and along the gum line, giving you a⁤ thorough clean every time.

<p>One of the standout features of this toothbrush is the ergonomic rubber grip, which provides better comfort and control while brushing. We also love the innovative tongue cleaner, which helps remove bad breath-causing bacteria for a fresher mouth. Plus, the signature angled neck extends further behind back teeth compared to other leading brushes, ensuring a more comprehensive clean. If you're looking for a toothbrush that combines advanced design with practical functionality, this is the one for you!</p>

Product Details
Discontinued ‍By Manufacturer No
Product Dimensions 3 x 2 x 9 inches;‍ 4.16 ⁢ounces
Item Model Number 16-02-07217-36
Date ⁤First Available August 27,‌ 2014
Manufacturer DRFRESH

Innovative ​Design for Effective Cleaning
Review: Reach Advanced Design Toothbrush – Extra Firm & Effective插图1
When it comes to , the Reach Advanced Design ‍Adult Toothbrush truly⁣ stands out. With its signature angled neck and tapered‍ head, this⁣ toothbrush is scientifically designed to reach and clean hard-to-reach places with ease. The bi-level bristles work efficiently to remove plaque between teeth and along the gum line, ensuring a thorough‌ clean every time.

One of the​ key features of the Reach Advanced Design toothbrush is the ​ergonomic rubber grip, which not only provides⁤ better comfort but also enhances control during⁢ brushing. The signature angled neck ⁤extends behind back⁢ teeth 60% further compared to other leading brushes, making it easier to target those tricky spots. Additionally, ‌the inclusion of ​a tongue cleaner helps to remove bad breath-causing bacteria, ensuring a complete oral care routine. Experience the benefits of this advanced design toothbrush for‌ yourself and elevate your ⁣daily oral hygiene routine. Get yours now!Enhanced Comfort and DurabilityWhen it comes to‌ comfort and durability, the Advanced Design ​Adult Toothbrush truly stands out. With its signature angled neck and tapered head, ‌this toothbrush is expertly designed‍ to reach those ‌hard-to-reach⁤ places for a thorough clean every ‌time. The bi-level bristles effortlessly ⁤remove plaque between teeth and ⁤along the gum line, ensuring a deeper⁤ clean ⁤with ⁣each brush.

One of the key features that sets this toothbrush apart is its ergonomic rubber grip, providing superior‍ comfort ⁣and control during brushing. This⁢ design allows for a more relaxed and efficient brushing experience,​ making it ideal for everyday‌ use. Combined with its⁢ durable construction, this toothbrush is sure to become a staple in your oral hygiene routine. Upgrade to the Advanced‍ Design Adult Toothbrush today for a brushing experience like no other! ⁤ Click here to purchase now!Our Recommendations for ⁣Optimal Oral CareWhen it ‌comes to optimal oral ⁤care,​ the Advanced Design Adult‌ Toothbrush is a game-changer. With its scientifically designed angled neck and tapered head, this toothbrush is able to reach those hard-to-reach places that other brushes may miss. The bi-level bristles effectively clean and remove plaque between teeth and ⁤along​ the gum line, ensuring a ​thorough clean every time.

What sets this toothbrush apart is⁤ its signature angled neck,​ which extends behind back teeth 60% further than other leading brushes. This, combined with the ergonomic rubber grip for better ‌comfort and control, makes for a superior brushing experience.‌ Plus, the added tongue cleaner helps remove bad breath-causing bacteria,⁢ leaving your mouth feeling fresh and‌ clean. Upgrade your oral care routine with the Advanced Design Adult Toothbrush today! Customer Reviews⁢ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the‌ customer ​reviews for ‌the ⁣Reach Advanced Design Toothbrush – Extra Firm, we have gathered some​ key insights:

Feedback Rating
The grip on the handle of ⁣this ​toothbrush is great. Bristles are very firm. Probably too firm for some. Has a tongue ‍cleaner opposite⁤ side the brush. Great value. 4 ‌out of 5
Nice quality 5 out of 5
I have been using these Reach brand toothbrushes for years now and they are the best! It is‍ very hard to ‍find firm toothbrushes nowadays. I’m ⁣glad they still make these and they are affordable. The brush itself is firm but⁣ not too firm and the brush ​is wide so it covers ‍a ‌lot of ‍area on your teeth. It has a‍ tongue scraper on the back ⁣as well. I will be ordering more⁤ for sure! 🙂 5 out of 5
I like⁢ a stiff toothbrush and this one was great. I put a clip cover over my toothbrushes which⁤ normally deform the the top bristles but‍ not this one. 4 out ⁣of 5
This‌ was exactly what I was looking ⁣for and​ priced well 5 out of 5
I​ absolutely love these tooth ⁤brushes. They ‌are‌ definitely⁣ hard bristles. Be ‍careful not to scrape your‌ gums. 4 out of 5
This ‌are a nice set of‍ brushes. Quality made and enough bristles as well. Would ⁢highly recommend these. 5⁤ out of 5

Overall, the Reach Advanced ⁤Design Toothbrush – Extra Firm has received positive‌ feedback for its firm bristles, wide brush head, and ⁣tongue cleaner. Some users found the bristles to be too firm, so it may not be suitable ‌for those with sensitive gums. However, most customers were satisfied with ​the ‍quality​ and performance of this toothbrush, praising its value for money⁣ and durability.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Signature ⁢angled neck⁣ reaches difficult areas
  • Bi-level​ bristles effectively remove plaque
  • Comfortable ergonomic rubber⁣ grip
  • Tongue cleaner helps ⁤fight bad breath
  • Durable design with 7 toothbrushes per pack


Pros Cons
Effective ⁤at removing plaque May be too firm for sensitive gums
Signature angled neck for‌ hard to reach areas Some users may prefer a softer bristle
Ergonomic ‌rubber ​grip for comfortable brushing Bristles may wear ​out quickly⁣ with heavy use

Overall, the Reach⁢ Advanced Design Toothbrushes ‌are a great option for those looking for a firm and⁣ effective toothbrush. While ‌they may be too firm for some users with sensitive gums, the‌ unique design and⁣ features make them a standout choice for those seeking ⁤a ⁣thorough cleaning experience. Q&AQ: How firm are the ​bristles on these toothbrushes?
A: ‌The ⁣Reach Advanced ⁣Design toothbrushes‍ are classified as extra firm, making them effective​ at removing plaque and debris for a ⁤thorough clean.

Q: Can these toothbrushes reach difficult-to-access areas in the ‍mouth?
A: Yes, these toothbrushes are ⁢specifically designed with a ⁤signature angled neck and tapered head ‌to ⁢clean hard-to-reach places, ​including behind back teeth.

Q: Do these toothbrushes have a comfortable grip ‍for easy ⁢handling?
A: Yes, these toothbrushes feature an ergonomic rubber grip that provides better⁣ comfort and control during brushing.

Q: How ‍many toothbrushes come in a pack?
A: The Reach Advanced Design toothbrushes come in a pack of 7, ​providing value and convenience for multiple uses.

Q:⁤ Are these⁣ toothbrushes ⁣suitable ⁣for⁢ adults only?
A: Yes, these toothbrushes are designed ‍for adult use, as the firm bristles and advanced⁤ design may ⁤not be suitable for children. Embody ExcellenceAs we wrap up our review of the Reach Advanced Design Toothbrush, we must say we were‌ truly impressed by its extra firm bristles and effective cleaning capabilities. The signature angled‍ neck and bi-level bristles make it easy to reach those hard-to-reach ‌places, while the ergonomic rubber grip ensures maximum comfort and control.

If you’re looking for a toothbrush ‌that goes above and beyond the standard, we highly recommend giving the Reach Advanced Design Toothbrush a ‍try. Click here to purchase ‌your own set⁣ of 7 now and ⁣experience the difference for ⁣yourself: Get ⁢your Reach Advanced Design Toothbrush here!

Thank you for ⁤reading ⁣our review – here’s to happy brushing!

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