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The Colgate 360⁰ Revolution: Soft Bristle vs Hard Bristle Toothbrush Showdown

In our quest for the ultimate toothbrush for sensitive teeth and gums, we stumbled upon the Colgate 360 Extra Soft Toothbrush. This 2 pack set comes equipped with a tongue and cheek cleaner, making it a complete oral care package. The extra soft bristles were a game changer for us, providing gentle yet effective cleaning without causing any discomfort. The unique design allowed for thorough cleaning in hard to reach areas, leaving our mouths feeling fresh and clean. After a few weeks of testing, we can confidently say that the Colgate 360⁰ Extra Soft Toothbrush has become a staple in our oral care routine. Say goodbye to harsh bristles and hello to a gentle, yet powerful clean with the Colgate 360⁰ Extra Soft Toothbrush.

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Rotating vs Vibrating Toothbrush Showdown: Which One Wins

When it comes to brushing our teeth, we want to make sure we are getting the best clean possible. That’s why we decided to pit the rotating Bitvae R2 Electric Toothbrush against a traditional vibrating toothbrush in a showdown of epic proportions. With 8 brush heads and 5 different modes, the Bitvae R2 truly impressed us with its versatility and thorough clean. The pressure sensor was a nice touch, preventing us from over brushing our teeth and causing damage to our gums. In the end, we found ourselves reaching for the Bitvae R2 more often than the vibrating toothbrush, as it left our mouths feeling cleaner and fresher. Rotating toothbrush for the win!