Unbiased Review: Godox DP400III-V Studio Flash Light Kit

Unbiased Review: Godox DP400III-V Studio Flash Light Kit

Welcome ⁤to our review of the Godox DP400III-V Upgraded Studio Flash‌ Light! As photographers who⁢ are constantly seeking to enhance our craft, we understand the importance ‍of having reliable and versatile lighting ⁣equipment. That’s why​ we were excited to get our hands on this 400Ws powerhouse with a Guide Number of 87 and a color temperature of 5600±200K.

Equipped with a built-in 2.4G Wireless X System and‌ a Bowens Mount, this flash light offers ⁤seamless integration with other equipment and⁤ accessories. The innovative design allows for precise output control with 61‌ steps from 1/64 to 1/1, ensuring that you have ⁣the flexibility to‌ create⁤ the perfect lighting setup for ⁢any situation.

But what truly sets this studio flash light apart is the⁤ inclusion of a 30W LED ⁢Daylight​ modeling lamp,⁣ which opens up ⁣a world of possibilities for creative lighting effects. The ability to use the flash as a continuous light source allows for greater control over your ⁤images and opens up new avenues for experimentation.

In our experience, the Godox DP400III-V is a game-changer for studio photographers looking for⁣ a reliable, powerful, and versatile lighting⁤ solution. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into our hands-on experience with this flash light and share our honest ⁣thoughts and feedback on its performance and features.

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Godox DP400III-V ​is a powerful studio flash light that offers versatility and reliability ​for all photography needs. The upgraded model features a 30W LED daylight ⁢modeling lamp, allowing for continuous lighting use without the heat of a standard bulb. This⁤ innovative ⁣feature opens up‌ new creative possibilities, ⁣especially when using gel filters and other‍ accessories that can be sensitive to heat. The ⁢mounting‌ block is sturdy and secure, and the tilt lever ensures⁣ easy adjustment without click​ stops, providing⁣ a smooth and solid positioning for the flash.

With a fast recycling time and precise output control, ranging from 1/64 to 1/1 in 61 steps, this strobe light is perfect for capturing the perfect ⁤shot every time. The anti-preflash function allows for synchronization with cameras with a one-preflash⁣ firing system, ensuring seamless integration into your photography setup. The⁣ Built-in ⁢Godox 2.4G wireless X system⁣ enables wireless control of flash ⁢power ratio, modeling lamp, and flash triggering, providing convenience and efficiency in your workflow. Whether you are a ⁤professional photographer or a passionate‌ hobbyist, the Godox DP400III-V is a reliable and high-performing studio flash light that will elevate your⁣ photography game.

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Impressive Features and Specifications

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The‌ Godox DP400III-V Upgraded Studio Flash Light comes with that make it stand out in the world⁢ of‍ photography equipment. One ​of the standout features is the 30W LED daylight modeling light, which allows for continuous use ⁤of‍ the flash⁤ as a light source, making it versatile for various shooting scenarios. The color temperature of the modeling lamp and⁣ flash tube are very similar, providing consistent lighting for creative photography. Additionally,⁣ the mounting block of the flash is solid and⁣ secure, and the ‍tilt lever is smooth without click⁢ stops, ensuring precise positioning every time.

Moreover, the flash has a ⁣short flash ‌duration of⁣ 1/2000 to 1/800 second and fast recycling time of 0.1-1s with the⁣ modeling lamp. The output control offers⁢ 61 steps from 1/64 ‍to 1/1, providing precise control over the lighting intensity. The flash also features an anti-preflash function for synchronization with cameras with a preflash firing system, and a‍ built-in 2.4G wireless X system for wireless control of‌ flash ‌power ⁢ratio, modeling lamp, and flash ⁣triggering. With these advanced features, the Godox DP400III-V ⁣Upgraded Studio Flash Light is a top choice for professional photographers looking for a reliable ⁢and ⁤powerful lighting solution. Check it out on Amazon to elevate your photography game!

In-depth Analysis and Performance Review

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Our⁣ of ​this upgraded studio flash light​ has left us thoroughly impressed. One of the standout features is⁢ the inclusion of a 30W LED ⁢modeling ‌light, allowing for the use ⁢of gel filters and other accessories that can’t withstand the heat of a standard bulb. The color ⁢temperature of the modeling⁣ lamp and flash tube‌ are closely matched, providing endless creative possibilities. The​ mounting block is exceptionally solid, while the​ tilt lever⁣ offers smooth adjustments without click stops, ensuring a secure setup every time.

Furthermore, ‍the precise output control ​with⁤ 61 steps, fast recycling time, and‍ anti-preflash function make this ⁢studio ⁤flash a versatile and reliable tool for photographers. The built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system allows for wireless control of flash power ratio, modeling lamp, and triggering, adding convenience to your workflow.​ With adjusted‍ settings retained even after a restart, this studio flash is not only powerful but also user-friendly. If you’re​ looking for a professional-grade studio flash that combines performance, versatility, and affordability,‍ look no further – this ⁤is the ⁤one you ⁤need for⁢ your⁢ photography setup.

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Recommendations and Final Thoughts

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After analyzing the customer reviews and our own experience with the Godox DP400III-V Upgraded Studio Flash Light, we have some recommendations for anyone considering this product. First and foremost, we highly recommend this studio flash for⁢ professional photographers looking for a powerful yet affordable lighting ​solution. The 30W LED daylight option allows for continuous source usage, providing versatility for different photography needs. Additionally, the precise output control and fast recycling time make it ‍easy to achieve the desired lighting effects.

One thing to keep in mind is the⁤ size of the flash – it is relatively large,‍ which may⁤ not be ideal for photographers who are constantly on the go. However, for those who primarily work in a studio setting, this should not be an⁤ issue. ‍Overall, we believe that the Godox DP400III-V is a solid investment for photographers looking to upgrade their lighting setup. With‌ its advanced features, compatibility with Bowens mount accessories, and reliable wireless control⁤ system, this ⁣studio flash is a great addition to any photography kit. If you’re interested ‌in ​taking your photography to ⁤the next level, we recommend checking out the Godox DP400III-V Upgraded Studio Flash Light on Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing⁤ the customer reviews for the‍ Godox‌ DP400III-V Studio Flash Light Kit, we have gathered valuable insights and feedback from users. Let’s take a closer ‌look at what customers have to say about this⁢ product:

Review Rating
Kudos for producing a studio flash with LED​ modeling light! Now we can use all those gel filters and other accessories that can’t stand the heat of a ⁤standard bulb. That’s YUGE. The modeling lamp and the flash tube ‍are very similar in ‍color temperature, opening many possibilities. The mounting block is ‌the best I’ve seen! Bravo! Totally solid. And the tilt lever is ⁣free of click stops, making it sure and solid wherever you set it. Again, Bravo! And for the price, what can go ​wrong? 5/5
I am a professional commercial photographer, my lights stay in studio all the time. For a few years I had been using LED Nanlite⁤ 300s, but⁢ age had got to them and the white‌ balance wasn’t what it used to be.⁢ Decided to go back to flash strobes and saw‍ the upgrade they did on ⁣these and caught it on ⁢a⁣ PRIME exclusive sale for $186⁤ each, so I got 2. ‌I’m sure these⁢ will last years and the 30w led chip is a nice bonus. I‍ recommend them. 4/5
The reflector cone is ⁤NOT INCLUDED in spite of it being shown in the first picture. 3/5
I have several Godox lights, ‍and this DP400III-V ‌is bigger than an ‌AD600Pro!! Great flash, but it’s huge! It’s great for a “permanent” light,‍ but⁣ not great for an on-the-go photographer just because​ of the ⁢size.​ As for use, it’s as‌ great⁢ as all other Godox lighting -⁤ it’s rock solid, and the price is fantastic! 4/5

Overall, customers are impressed with the features of the Godox DP400III-V Studio Flash ⁢Light Kit, such as the LED modeling light, ​solid mounting block, and reliable ‍performance. However, some customers note the absence of the reflector cone and the ‍large size of the flash ​as potential drawbacks for certain users.

Considering the positive feedback on functionality and pricing,‌ this studio flash light kit is recommended for professionals looking for a durable and efficient lighting solution for ⁢their photography needs.

Pros & Cons

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Pros &⁤ Cons:


– LED⁣ modeling light allows for continuous use without heat issues.

– Color temperature of modeling lamp and flash tube are very similar, providing versatility.

– Solid mounting block and tilt lever without click stops for stability.

– Affordable price for the features offered.

– Precise output control with 61 steps from 1/64 to ​1/1.

– Anti-preflash function for ​synchronization with cameras.

– Built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system for ​wireless control.


– Does not include the flash reflector cone as shown in the product picture.

– The⁤ size of the flash may be​ too large for on-the-go photographers.

– Additional receiver needed for wireless control, not included with the kit.


Q: Does the Godox DP400III-V Studio Flash Light Kit come⁣ with a flash reflector cone?
A: Unfortunately, the reflector cone is NOT INCLUDED in the kit, despite being⁤ shown in ​the first picture.

Q: What is unique about⁢ the LED modeling light in this studio flash?
A: The LED modeling light allows for the use​ of gel filters and other accessories that ⁤cannot withstand the⁤ heat of a standard bulb. The color temperature⁣ of the modeling lamp and flash tube are very similar, opening up many creative possibilities.

Q: How sturdy is the mounting block of the studio flash?
A: The mounting block is the ‍best we have seen, completely solid and secure. The​ tilt lever⁣ is also free of click stops, ensuring a stable and reliable setup.

Q: Is the Godox DP400III-V Studio‍ Flash Light Kit suitable for professional use?
A:​ Yes, many professional photographers have praised the‌ performance and durability of this studio flash. It is great for studio work and‌ commercial photography.

Q: Is the⁢ size​ of the studio ⁢flash a drawback?
A: Some ​users have mentioned that the DP400III-V is ‌larger than expected, similar to an AD600Pro.⁣ While it may not be ideal for portable use, it is ⁤great for permanent‌ studio setups.

Q: Does the studio flash have wireless control capabilities?
A: Yes, ​the Godox DP400III-V is equipped with a built-in 2.4G wireless‌ X system, allowing for wireless control of flash power ratio, modeling lamp, and triggering with the use of a receiver (not included).

We hope these ‌Q&A’s have‌ helped provide more insight into the Godox DP400III-V Studio Flash Light Kit. If you have‍ any further questions, feel free to ask!

Elevate Your ​Lifestyle

In conclusion, the Godox DP400III-V Studio Flash ⁢Light Kit offers impressive features⁢ such as a 30W LED Daylight modeling light, precise output control, and wireless control‌ capabilities. While some customers have ​noted that the flash reflector cone is not included,​ overall, ⁣this kit provides great value for its price. Whether you are ⁢a⁣ professional photographer looking for a reliable studio flash or a hobbyist wanting to elevate your photography game, ‍this kit is worth considering.

If you are interested in purchasing the Godox DP400III-V Studio Flash Light⁣ Kit,​ you can ‌find it on Amazon by clicking on​ the following link: Get your ‌Godox DP400III-V‌ Studio Flash Light Kit now!

Thank you for reading our unbiased review. Happy shooting!

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